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Burn of the Month club

Are you a fan of sauces? Of course you are. Are you unsure as to which sauce or sauces you want? Or do you just want to try them all?Now is your ch...

Coldwater Steampunk Festival

Sadly, I myself won't be going to the Coldwater Steampunk Festival this weekend. I would dearly love to go but I'm still kind of recovering from W...

Just as a note: You folks are amazing.

At What The Fur we sold out of a few things, and severely depleted our stock of many others. So it may be a while before we have everything back o...

Do you want to see Dark Bunny Sauces somewhere?

We would love to have our delicious sauces at various events, or even on store shelves! We often get asked if we will be available in places we're not, or at events, conventions or trade shows that we've never considered or even heard about. And we would love to fix all of that.

If you feel that our product would be a good fit for your store, or if there is an event you just couldn't attend without seeing sauces for sale, let us know!
Send us an email to sales@darkbunny.ca and we'll happily discuss what can be done.

For conventions and conferences that raise funds for a charity, we will happily work with you to have something special for your event. Just contact us for details.

Conventions where you can find us


Honestly I have no idea where to use this sauce [Halitosis Howler], but I absolutely LOVE  it.

Brian 'Ti7aNiC' Hughes

You can make that TWO Ottawa-based furs who enjoy this sauce [Closeted Curlytail]. It's sweet yet spicy with just the right amount of tart-ness. Definitely worth the money I spent on it!

Kane the Roo

I've had the luck to try a pair of hot sauces (Sinful Snow Leopard and Dangerous Dragon) and while I don't consider them very hot, they are some of the best and most flavourful hot sauces I've ever tried. I have no doubt I will be ordering again.

Kevin Hertwig

The treacherous treecat is delicious and I should have grabbed more.

S. Davies



Sauce artwork, unless otherwise specified, is the work of Alex Cockburn and is used with permission.

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