It's all about the taste

Who are we?
Simple: We're your first and best spot for spicy sauces, dessert sauces, and other tasty (and potentially spicy) things. We make our sauces and other stuff in small batches (one might even say nano-batches) with the freshest ingredients we can find. Sometimes the spice level will shift from bottle to bottle, but we aim to provide a consistent taste experience to enhance your food.

Dark Bunny Sauces is proudly Canadian, and is also proudly associated with the Furry and associated fandoms, helping to raise money for charities at the conventions we attend.

The New Stuff

Join us in 2023!

2023 will bring, of course, lots of new things, conventions and stuff. But one important thing is that I will be one of the three Guests of Honour at CanFURence 2023!

Come to Ottawa, August 4-6 next year and let show the world what we can do! Fundraising for the convention's charity is always high up there on the list, and I'm not only planning on doing an extra special version of the hot wings panel (if I can pull it off) but if it works, you all will help me make something special!


Wait. Conventions?

Allowing for the pause in the convention schedule due to Covid, Dark Bunny Sauces has been present at many Canadian Furry conventions such as Furnal Equinox, Canfurence and Fur-Eh, and we do our best to help raise funds for the conventions' chosen charities, whether through auction items, or our ever-changing spicy food panels.

We've also begun to branch out into having a presance at online VR conventions such as Furnal Equinox and CozyCon Online.

So if you want to come and try out some of the sauces, chat with us in person, or buy that elusive last bottle of Reckless Reindeer, come and find us!

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