It's all about the taste

Who are we?
Simple: We're your first and best spot for spicy sauces, dessert sauces, and other tasty (and potentially spicy) things. We make our sauces and other stuff in small batches (one might even say nano-batches) with the freshest ingredients we can find. Sometimes the spice level will shift from bottle to bottle, but we aim to provide a consistent taste experience to enhance your food.

Dark Bunny Sauces is proudly Canadian, and is also proudly associated with the Furry and associated fandoms, helping to raise money for charities at the conventions we attend.


Allowing for the pause in the convention schedule due to Covid, Dark Bunny Sauces has been present at many Canadian Furry conventions such as Furnal Equinox, Canfurence and Fur-Eh, and we do our best to help raise funds for the conventions' chosen charities, whether through auction items, or our ever-changing spicy food panels.

We've also begun to branch out into having a presance at online VR conventions such as Furnal Equinox and CozyCon Online

  • The Elephants

    The Elephants are curry sauces. We use three different kinds of curries as well as a mix of other ingredients to bring this unique sauce to life. We started with the spiciest version, and after tasting it, it was decided to bring it milder, and then even milder because the flavours of this sauce are just so awesome. 

  • The Howlers

    First we took garlic. Then we added some garlic. And then we roasted some of it and added more. Tossed in an onion, some other stuff and a few Habaneros to the Halitosis variety, and kept it out of the Harmless.
    The garlic soothes all.

  • Tabernache

    Blending high-quality dark Canadian Maple Syrup with Quebec-grown habanero peppers, smoke dried Ghost peppers... we made something very much Canadian.

    And we're so not sorry.

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