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Squinting Squynx

Squinting Squynx

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Described as a sort of cross between a barbecue sauce and a ketchup, this is our newest offering, and we are seriously looking at this sauce being in a position to unseat the Barbecued Beaver as the most favourited sauce in our collection.

This is a fermented sauce is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic, red bell peppers and thai chilies, as well as a combination of spices. First released at (and featuring the mascot of) CanFURence, and available in three "flavours" with a deeply rumoured fourth having been briefly seen at the convention.

The Squinting Squynx is a little more earthy and umami than the Squealing, swapping in black garlic for regular garlic, and featuring artwork by myself, Feli (thankfully cleaned up by Joss Orca).

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