Fuel for the Fire

Fuel for the Fire

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Imagine: It's the holiday season, or a birthday, or a combination graduation/wedding/gold medal ceremony. And you got invited! But you have no gift to give!

How awful would you feel?

Well, feel awful no more. As (never) seen on TV we present to you Fuel for the Fire

FftF is a simple gift of a discount for any of Dark Bunny Sauce's products! It's easy! You select the level of discount, and once paid for Dark Bunny Sauces will send you an equivalent Gift Card code for the same value! Then, either you or the person you give it to (family member, friend, gold-medal-winning-graduating-marriage-person) uses the code to discount their DBS purchase! It's that simple!

These are now virtual gift cards! You can use them over and over until the balance is used up! No need to use them all at once!