(Questions We Are Asked Frequently)


Why a QWAAF?

Everyone has a FAQ. We wanted to be different.

Where can I get your sauces?

You can order them right on this very website!
Just visit the Shop page.
Also, sauces will be available for pre-order through the site for pickup at many local and regional convention and meets. Contact us for details!

How safe are your sauces?

Our sauces are as safe as we can make them!
In all seriousness, when we make the sauces, we spend hours preparing. From washing and disinfecting all the surfaces, cutting boards, knives, pots and ladles, to sanitizing the bottles and seals.
We use only the freshest ingredients we can find, inspecting them before use, washing them (well, the vegetables. it's hard to wash vinegar). And once the sauces are fully cooked, bottled and sealed, we store them carefully, inspecting them regularly for any sign of spoilage. Nothing ever leaves our shelves if it has even a question of being good. 

How long do they last?
As we do our best to make sure the sauces are sealed properly, and we take every precaution, a bottle of sauce should last a minimum of 12 months if still sealed. Once opened, keep it in the fridge, and it will be good for a very long time - think like that bottle of ketchup that's been in your fridge. 
We urge, however, that you always trust your eyes, nose and tongue
If it looks like it's gone bad, smells funny or tastes off - DON'T EAT IT
What do I do if I have a problem with a sauce I purchased?
If you have any problem with the sauce, found something you shouldn't have, it tastes off, the shipment broke or never arrived, please contact us! Send us an email at sales@darkbunny.ca so we can take care of the issue as quick as we can!

Who made the labels? The art is awesome!
The artist for the labels for almost all of Dark Bunny Sauces' products is Ookami Kemono. All of the graphic design and layout is done by Soryane.
Recently, we have been adding several other furry artists to our label collection, such as Soryane, Alisha, Charmanderchar and Teeka.the.Orca. Most recently, Ca-Monk Shiro has joined the brigade of Dark Bunny Associates.
Without these people, Dark Bunny Sauces would just look ugly sauce in glass bottles.

Do you or can you ship the sauces to me? My food is so bland without them!
Yes! We can ship!
Any Canadian address is perfectly valid to ship to.
United States is also good to go!
Europe and other international locations are good to ship to on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us at sales@darkbunny.ca to find out!

What can I use your sauces to make?
Well, almost anything. So long as it's food. In fact, we've been given some feedback on uses of the sauces, so we'll be slowly putting together a resource for people to refer to, giving ideas on how to use the sauces for cooking or for just spicing things up!

How spicy are your sauces?
Our sauces range from absolutely no spice to sauces that make you rethink life decisions. We rank them on a scale of our own of one through ten, with a few sauces peaking over the top at 11.
Our goal isn't to hurt anyone, our goal is to help enhance your food.
Also, we have no idea what rating on the scoville scales our sauces achieve. That's not the point of the sauces.

Can you make a sauce out of <insert ingredient here>?
Yes. But honestly, you may not like the result. I do love challenges, but there are some things that we will never work with as ingredients.

Can I resell your sauces?
Absolutely! But we'd like to know about it ahead of time. You know, so that we can promote you as well.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?
Also absolutely! If you're looking to buy in a large volume from us, contact us and we'll work out the costing.

Why animals?

Dark Bunny Sauces is a furry company. The owner is a furry, the artists are furries, and a large amount of our wonderful clients are furries (or at least geeks of some variety). So we're embracing the furriness and running with it!

Do you take back bottles?
Why yes! Yes we do!
The only bottles or jars that we won't take back are the original swing-top bottles with the flimsier plastic toppers. If the swing
top bottle has a ceramic top, then we will more than happily take it back. And bonus: You get credit for every return!


Vous êtes au Québec, vous ne devriez pas avoir de l'information française?

Oui, nous sommes situés au Québec. Et les Sauces Dark Bunny fonctionnons en français. Notre site Web est en état de transition et nous aurons l'information sous peu.

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