Q: Where can I get your sauces?


A: You can order them right on this very website!

Just visit the Shop page. 
Also, sauces will be available for pre-order through the site for pickup at any of the following:


Q: Who made the labels?


A: The artist for the labels for all of Dark Bunny Sauces' products is Ookami Kemono. All of the graphic design and layout is done by Soryane.

Without these two, Dark Bunny Sauces would just look ugly.


Q: Do you or can you ship the sauces to me? My food is so bland without them!



Yes! We can ship!
Any Canadian address is perfectly valid to ship to.
United States is also good to go!
Europe and other international locations are good to ship to on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us at feli@darkbunny.ca to find out!


Q: What Can I use your sauces to make?


A: Anything! Well, almost anything. So long as it's food. In fact, we've been given some feedback on uses of the sauces, so we'll be slowly putting together a resource for people to refer to, giving ideas on how to use the sauces for cooking or for just spicing things up!