CanFURence 2023 - Thank you


Hello everyone.

Over the years I have written many things like this, but I can honestly say that this is the first time writing one from this perspective. As one of the Guests of Honour for the 2023 edition of CanFURence, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the whole team behind the convention, as well as all of the attendees. You all made this one hell of a weekend that I will not soon forget.

From the moment I was asked up onto the stage during the opening ceremonies I knew it was going to be a special weekend. I am still of the mind that I, personally, didn’t deserve the spotlight in particular, but only because I am of the opinion that any and all of you would do the same as I in a given circumstance. Well, except for the sauce thing. That’s mine. But I accepted it, and thanks to you all it made for one amazing set of days.

I want to thank all of you who came to the ridiculously long named panel on Saturday, and continued the tradition of raising money for the charity. I have been involved in whole conventions that have raised less than what we did in that panel. Over $2500. I am astounded that so many of you wanted to see us all suffer like that! And just think: That charity total for the convention? You all directly helped with that. So thank you.

And after the closing ceremonies, starting slow but building to a packed room, the Dead Bunny was amazing! So full of energy despite the horrible bad music I was playing! Blown away to see so many dancing, sitting at the tables and chatting with old and new friends, and just generally enjoying the rest of the night. Thank you all for reminding me yet again why I enjoy running the Dead Bunny party.

I also want to thank a few people for this weekend specifically by name.

-Sid and Taque - for helping get all of my stupid sauces to the convention. Without them, there would have been no Squealing, Squinting, Screaming or Scorching Squynx sauces (which I sincerely hope was enjoyed).

-BT and Conreaught - for inviting me to be a guest along with two of my best friends.

-Soryane and Ookami Kemono - for being GoHes with me, making such amazing art and even gracing my sauces with them (but not the Squinting. Thanks to Joss for helping, but nothing can make my art as amazing as the three of you can produce)

You all made me sweat. You all made me cry tears of pain (for a good cause). You made me laugh. You all made me cry tears of joy on more than one occasion over the last few days, even if none of you witnessed them. I made new friends and I re-met old ones. I renewed friendships that I hope, somehow, will last forever. I saw that I helped people smile, and helped them enjoy life - even if only for three days.


And that is all I ever want to do.


Thank you.


Felinaeus Lapinnoir

AKA: Chris Pilgrim

August 2023

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