No Furnal Equinox 2024 for DBS

Hello everyone!

We've already been getting questions about FE2024. This coming year, DBS will sadly not be in attendance in the Dealers room.
This is not due to the convention, being denied, or anything of the like. After looking at life, the "day job" and finances, as well as transport issues, I made the decision to skip this coming year as a vendor.

So no: No pre-orders will be opening up for this year. Nor will we be delivering sauces to anyone at the convention itself - unless someone or several someones offer to be our representative(s) in this endeavor. However, as of right now it just isn't in the cards.

We are, however, still planning on Canfurence.


To everyone planning their FE trips and tables: From the DBS family, all the best of luck and fun is wished for you all!


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