Collection: The Squynx Collection

Described as a sort of cross between a barbecue sauce and a ketchup, this is our newest offering, and we are seriously looking at this sauce being in a position to unseat the Barbecued Beaver as the most favourited sauce in our collection.

This is a fermented sauce is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic, red bell peppers and thai chilies, as well as a combination of spices. First released at (and featuring the mascot of) CanFURence, and available in three "flavours" with a deeply rumoured fourth having been briefly seen at the convention.

The Squealing Squynx is the original version, featuring artwork by Ookami Kemono.
The Screaming Squynx is the spicier version, swapping in ghost peppers for the thai chilies, featuring artwork by Soryane.
The Squinting Squynx is a little more earthy and umami than the Squealing, swapping in black garlic for regular garlic, and featuring artwork by myself, Feli (thankfully cleaned up by Joss Orca).