State of the Sauce: Somewhere near the end of June. I think.

State of the Sauce: Somewhere near the end of June. I think.

Hello everyone! How are you? Are you safe? Are you healthy? Are you washing your hands? Are you wearing your masks? Are you eating your greens like your mother told you too (green hot sauces count)?

Time has kind of slipped us all by these last few months (years? maybe...) so I thought a real update was in need.

State of the Orders
Alright. Here's the fun bit everyone always asks about. Yes, there are still some orders that have not been sent out. I'm working as hard as I can to get them completed and out to everyone. Now that things are relaxed a bit more during this pandemic, it has gotten easier to get the things I need to make the last of the sauces ordered. And Canada Post has been, for the most part, amazing at getting the things sent along. 
So I'm ALMOST caught up on the orders, and I expect to be fully caught up in the next 2 weeks. 

Any new orders coming in will be at the end of the queue, but if the sauces are ready and sitting on the shelf, they may go out immediately. I'm trying to keep my inventory counts up to date, but there have been a few hiccups here and there. 

State of the SMOLDER Event
I haven't forgotten about this, and am still working to get the kits put together and sent out. SOOOOOOOOON!

State of the Sauces
1) Gawky Gecko is back! We'll be making it a full-time thing for this summer, so if you're needing relish, let us know! Also, it's available in the regular size, as well as the teensy-tiny "tester" size.
2) Renard's Rapiers will be getting put into the vault as soon as the current stock is finished. At the end of summer, I may resurrect the original Raspberry one, we shall see. 
3) Test Batch 47 needs a name! People keep ordering this Watermellon/Peach BBQ sauce, and so I think it's about time to turn it into a real boy. Er... sauce. Suggestions Welcome, must follow the alliterative animal naming scheme.
4) Test Batch 68 also is right there, needing a name.

Coming Soon to a cupboard near you!
Due to special Requests made by customers, the following items will be made and available in limited amounts. If you want some, keep an eye out and snap them up! All I ask is that you let us know what you think of them so we can evaluate whether they will become real sauces.

There we go. Stay safe and spicy folks!

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