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Test Batch 47

DBS Heat: 6/10

Dark Bunny Sauces' Test Batches are our way of getting the creative bug out of our system.

Some of these sauces end up eventually becoming full out sauces in our lineup, but they require a little bit of tweaking. Some are just one-off sauces where we wanted to try something, and it just either didn't work the way we wanted it to, or the particular ingredients can't be gotten easily or regularly. But either way, our Test Batches are works in progress.



We went back and revisited a sauce that seems to have been in high demand - Test Batch 47. This batch is the odd yet very tasty Watermelon & Peach BBQ sauce. Using a few fresh watermelons and peaches, and cooking it slowly over a few hours, this is a spicy, sweet and thick addition to your food. 
Don't be surprised if you find some small bits of watermelon in it when using it. 



Ingredients: watermelon, tomato paste, brown sugar, white vinegar, peaches, vinegars (red wine, balsamic), scotch bonnet peppers, agave syrup, lime juice, salt

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