Seeing Red and Blue

Seeing Red and Blue

You may have noticed that in our newer sauce offerings there were some more colourful labels. Either tinted red, or tinted blue.

This means you're very astute and observant!

Red labels mean the sauce is a spicier variant. So, for example, the Hoppy Hedgehog. The "regular" version of the sauce has no added spicy peppers. But the Red Label variant is spicy. We're also about to bring out a red label variation of the Barbecued Beaver (because you strange people asked for it).But it also means we've developed something new. The two label colours have very specific meanings.

Blue labels denote that the sauce is a spice-less version of another sauce. The Harmless Howler is a spice-less version of the Halitosis Howler. Because not everyone wants the spice all the time, and we're nice like that. 

So keep an eye out, because now and then we might bring out special versions of sauces. Don't grab the red labels unless you want the heat.

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