Hoppy Hedgehog - Red Label

Hoppy Hedgehog - Red Label

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We've been experimenting with mustard a lot lately. And after several trials, most of which - while edible - didn't meet our standards, we think we made a winner. 2, actually.

Debuting at Canfurence next month we will present the Hoppy Hedgehog, a sweet beer mustard. And not only the Hedgehog, but a Red Label edition, that we spiced up.

This particular mustard is made completely from scratch, and has now surpassed the Striking Scorpion as our go-to.

DBS Heat: 5/10
Hot Peppers:
Trinidad Scorpion
Other ingredients:
Water, beer, yellow and black mustard seed, brown sugar, malt vinegar, onion, honey, cider vinegar, turmeric, garlic, salt, allspice, cloves