Mustards and beer

Christopher Pilgrim

Man, I'm on a post roll today, aren't I?
Some people were recently asking about our mustards. And we have several to offer. From the Striking Scorpion that started it to the amazing Hoppy Hedgehogs. And I'll let you all in on a couple of little known facts about the mustards.
With the exception of the Striking Scorpion, all of Dark Bunny's mustards are made from scratch. The Stunning Scoprion is more of a "from the ground-up" version of the Striking Scorpion.
The Hearty Horse uses the most well-known stout beer in its production: Guinness. Though this may change in the near future.
The hedgehogs, both white and red label, are made using a beer from a Quebec micro-brewery, The Microbrasserie du Lièvre (they even have a facebook account) (yes, literally Microbrewery of the Hare). Can I say that I was inspired by the rabbit imagery? Sure. But the honey brown beer they produce makes for a perfect base for our mustard, so it was the right choice in my opinion.
I want to try the Lièvre de nuit, their oatmeal stout, to see if it will work in the Hearty Horse They also have a delightful jalapeno pepper beer, the El Lapino.

Are we going to make any more mustards? Maybe. We have our mustard and our relish, now we're perfecting our ketchup, which Test Batch 65 has started.

Who knows. You may someday be eating a Dark Bunny Burger at a barbecue.

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