Bottle changes!

Due to some changes with the supply of bottles, and with the new products, we're making some modifications to our bottles.

Regular Sauces
We will be making a change from the current swing-top 250ml bottles to a slightly more compact 250ml bottle that we're nicknaming the "Stubby". They hold the same amount of the delicious sauce that you love, they're just a little more vertically challenged.

Mustards and Moose
The Hoppy Hedgehogs (both regular and Red Label varieties) will no longer be available in 50ml once the current supply is out. Despite the awesome size, it's just too hard to get the last bits out of the jar! So we will be moving them over to a jar. There will be three sizes available to you in December: 100ml, 314ml and 580ml jars. Also, once the current supply is out of the 1L mason jars, we will only fill these on a special request basis. Striking Scorpion and Stunning Scorpion and Majestic Moose will also be making the move over to the jars in the new year, so keep your eye out for that change!

Barbecue Sauces
Both the Barbecued Beaver (both regular and Red Label) and Oops! will shortly have a brand new, 1L (that's 1000ml!) growler bottle! We're just waiting on the delivery to be able to start making these jugs that hold "almost enough" sauce.

Blasted Bat
Much like the mustard and moose, we're moving away from offering the delicious Blasted Bat in mason jars to the much nicer 212ml jar. And, we're considering making a few 580ml ones available in the future as well.

Dessert Sauces
We've moved almost all of our dessert sauces into the nice, sleek, tall 250ml bottles. This includes the Renard's Rapiers, the Terrified Trashpandas, the Pretty Puppy and the special holiday sauce, Reckless Reindeer.

One of the few things we keep to our tables when we are at conventions and events are our spicy hard candies. These will be available exclusively at the events we attend in 70g jars. 

That about covers it! More news on the way!

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