And the aftermath of FE continues

Or: Now that we've graduated, "Real Life" slaps us in the face.

Alright, so post-con bits and pieces:

  • Those who didn't get their Dangerous Dragon in their pre-order, I'm sorry it didn't get made in time. I'll be making it this week. Expect a shipment in the next 14 days or so.
  • The Petrified Potoo will take a little longer - I'm still waiting on the shipment of the peppers, but as soon as they get here, the sauce'll be made, and sent out to you.
  • Due to demand, we will be working on a Red Label Blasted Bat, red label Zesty Zonkey, and a red label Howler. It'll take time to figure them out, but they'll come.
  • Due to demand, we will also be working on not only a milder version of the Werecats to compliment the Weeping and Wailing, but we'll be making it in 946ml sizes too! Have I ever mentioned how much I both love and hate you folks?
  • Both Weeping Werecat and Wailing Werecat are now "available" in the store. We're working on having artwork to make them pretty, but in the meantime you'll have to suffer through a boring label or two.
  • Stunning Scorpion has now returned to the storefront! It will be available in 375 and 500ml varieties. 
  • Bunny's Cupboard is now on the store, but quantities are EXTREMELY limited this time around

Our "Antipepper" sauce, Test Batch -1 (yes, negative one) seems to have been a hit, if a little confusing. Is it a cure for heat? Yes and no. It helps. But people seem to want us to make an ice cream out of it. While we can't sell the ice cream, we'll likely make this unique concoction again for our next convention. Sadly, shipping it around isn't something we can do right now. 

I think that covers it for now. Our inventory on the store will be updated in the next week, once the sauce returns to us and we know what we have left. Everything right now is available for ordering, but please understand we'll be a couple of weeks before everything is back to full stock so there will be some delays on new orders. 


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