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Oblivious Octopus

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Allow us to formally introduce you to the Octopus family. A trio of sauces that, in the strangest of twists, are amazingly good. All threee are variations of eachother, getting bolder and bolder as we go. The Octopuses are a mixture of fresh pears and garlic. Though that might sound like an odd mixture, we urge you to give it a try.

This is the first of the sauces. The little brother that doesn't quite know its own potential. There is absolutely no spice in this sauce, so it's just bursting with flavour.



Ingredients: pears, cider vinegar, water, red pepper, lime, garlic, pepper, ginger
Ingrédients: poires, vinaigre de cidre, eau, poivron rouge, citron vert, ail, poivre, gingembre