Creativity is a blessing and a curse.

Creativity is a blessing and a curse.

Christopher Pilgrim
Kitchens. We all have that moment where we stand there, staring at all the food we've bought and ... stare at it. And stare, trying to think of something to make and coming up blank.
Thankfully, we seem to get struck with inspiration often, and that inspiration turns into tasty concoctions for you to have!

Allow us to formally introduce you to the Octopus family. A trio of sauces that, in the strangest of twists, are amazingly good. All three are variations of each other, getting bolder and bolder as we go. The Octopuses are a mixture of fresh pears and garlic. Though that might sound like an odd mixture, we urge you to give it a try.

Oblivious Octopus

This is the first of the sauces. The little brother that doesn't quite know its own potential. There is absolutely no spice in this sauce, so it's just bursting with flavour.

Outstanding Octopus

The middle child. Take the same flavour that the Oblivious Octopus has, but add a little bit of Carolina Reapers to give it a bit of a kick. Only to a 4/10, but it's enough to make you sit up and take notice. A little darker than the youngest, it may just make you think twice before downing it.

Obscure Octopus
The oldest. The surliest. He's got enough ink in him to make him as black as night. He's upped the ante, and not only does the sauce keep the amazing flavours of pear and garlic, as well as the spice of the Carolina Reapers, but he has an added weapon: pure capsaicin extract. This knocks the spice level to the very top.

We hope you'll enjoy these sauces, and they will soon be made available in our online store for ordering.

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