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DBS Heat: 4/10

Outstanding Octopus

Outstanding Octopus

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Allow us to formally introduce you to the Octopus family. A trio of sauces that, in the strangest of twists, are amazingly good. All threee are variations of eachother, getting bolder and bolder as we go. The Octopuses are a mixture of fresh pears and garlic. Though that might sound like an odd mixture, we urge you to give it a try.

The middle child. Take the same flavour that the Oblivious Octopus has, but add a little bit of Carolina Reapers to give it a bit of a kick. Only to a 4/10, but it's enough to make you sit up and take notice. A little darker than the youngest, it may just make you think twice before downing it.


Ingredients: pears, cider vinegar, water, red pepper, lime, garlic, pepper, carolina reaper, squid ink, ginger
Ingrédients: poires, vinaigre de cidre, eau, poivron rouge, citron vert, ail, poivre, carolina reaper, encre de calmar, gingembre

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