A game of Burns (and other things)

A game of Burns (and other things)

Christopher Pilgrim

August is drawing to a close, so here's the update as it stands.

  • Our awesome friend Ookami Kemono went overseas to Eurofurence last weekend, and with him he brought the first official box of Rabbit's Roulette. The game's rules have been refined and codified. The artwork (absolutely stunning, and provided by Ookami himself) adorns not only the box but the rule book too. 
    It was play-tested by yet more friends (well, I hope they're still friends) Venmar (From Lupes & Vulpes) live on their Twitch stream (Click here while it works!)
    6 bottles of sauce, one of which is laced with pure capsaicin extract, a 6-sided die, and courage. 

    It went so well that we are now offering pre-orders of Rabbit's RouletteThat's right. Currently for $49.99 CDN, you can pre-order your very own game of random burning chance. And, randomly, we'll even be including a limited-edition DBS headband! 
    The current sauce for the game is Cayenne pepper based, but based on availability, the sauce may change slightly to be Habanero based. 

    Expected availability will be Mid-September.

  • At CanFURence at the beginning of the month we introduced the world to our newest concoction, Test Batch 67. This is an amazingly tasty mix of pure honey, garlic, and ginger that goes perfectly on wings. Of course, we couldn't just leave it at that, so we made a second batch that contains all of the above, but also a good helping of Carolina Reaper peppers and Thai Chillies. And although we haven't named it yet, this amazing sauce is available now for ordering. Test Batch 67a and 67b are a go!

Due to some medical issues, there's been a delay on getting shipments out and a delay in cooking. Those delays are now vanishing and things are getting back to normal operations as quickly as possible. All the thanks in the world for your patience and understanding. 

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