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Rabbit's Roulette

Rabbit's Roulette

DBS Heat: Variable


Have you ever told your friends that you can handle any kind of spice? That you think have the fortitude of an elephant? Now comes your chance to prove what you’ve got. Rabbit’s Roulette is the first game from Dark Bunny Sauces. And it’s probably almost exactly what you think it is. 

In the box are six bottles of sauce, made from a blend of different cayenne peppers. So, they have heat at the base, but nothing too out of this world. Except for one of the bottles. One of the six bottles contains 30 million Scoville Carolina Reaper extract. We promise you that the game is all about the taste, but we hope to make you sweat a little, more from the anticipation of that sixth bottle than from the burning you may experience.
So put on your headband, roll the die, and take a good spoonful. We promise you that this is one of the hottest games you’ll play.

Ingredients: water, white vinegar, hot peppers (cayenne, reshampati cayenne, sweet smoked pimenton), red bell peppers, red onion, garlic, salt, Capsicum Oleoresin oil
Ingrédients: eau, vinaigre blanc, piments forts (Cayenne, cayenne reshampati, piment doux), poivrons rouges, oignons rouges, ail, sel, huile de Capsicum Oléorésine

Kits include:

  • 6 x 59ml (2 fl.oz)
  • 1 x 6-sided die
  • 4 x crumpled red crepe paper pieces
  • 1 x pine wooden box
  • 1 x instruction paper

Rabbit’s Roulette Instructions:

  1. Open the box (You need to get it first!).
  2. Remove the six-sided random number generator.
  3. Remove one bottle from the box. 
  4. On a flat surface, roll the random number generator and take note of the resulting number.
  5. Assign the first bottle with this number on a piece of paper. Line the remaining bottles beside this one so that it is in the proper position, and number the remaining bottles. (if the number is a 4, put 3 bottles to the left, and 2 to the right)
  6. Roll the random number generator again, and observe the number.
  7. Uncap the bottle with the corresponding number, and pour the contents onto a spoon (spoon sold separately).
  8. Contemplate the meaning of your life and the possibility that you may be about to consume something that might potentially cause you to taste burning. 
  9. Consume the sauce.
  10. Brag to your (current and potentially former) friends.


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