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DBS Heat: Variable

Test Batch 67

Test Batch 67

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Dark Bunny Sauces' Test Batches are our way of getting the creative bug out of our system.

Some of these sauces end up eventually becoming full out sauces in our lineup, but they require a little bit of tweaking. Some are just one-off sauces where we wanted to try something, and it just either didn't work the way we wanted it to, or the particular ingredients can't be gotten easily or regularly. But either way, our Test Batches are works in progress.

 One of the things that people have constantly asked us for is a wing sauce. And we thought long and hard about it. One of the things that we always find great is a nicely done batch of honey garlic wings. But we also like the spicy, pepper-laden wings. 

So we compromised with ourselves.

This sauce is currently available in two varieties. The first batch, 67a, is a blend of pure honey, fresh garlic and fresh ginger. This sauce, in our opinion, tastes glorious, and it shines through in the golden translucent liquid in the bottle.

The second batch, 67b, is at the exact opposite of the heat spectrum. We took the original batch, and added much more than a healthy amount of carolina reaper peppers and a few thai chillies.

We released these at CanFURence 2019, and, from personal experience, we can state that the hotter batch has a very slow burn, a good delay but it climbs and climbs. 





Ingredients: honey, cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, salt
Ingrédients: miel, vinaigre de cidre, gingembre, ail, jus de citron, sel


Ingredients: honey, cider vinegar, hot peppers (carolina reapers, thai chilis), ginger, garlic, lemon juice, salt
Ingrédients: miel, vinaigre de cidre, piments fort (carolina reapers, piments thai), gingembre, ail, jus de citron, sel


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