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DBS Heat: 9/10

Groaning Gryphon

Groaning Gryphon

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Due to a small loophole in accounting practices at Furnal Equinox, the convention did not reach a 4 digit charity total in 2016, but a 6 digit - counting for the decimal places. Therefore, the Chairperson - Scani Gryphon - was subjected to tasting this one-of-a-kind sauce made especially for him. The Groaning Gryphon was designed to cause the best facial reaction the convention has seen, and yet not kill the Chairman. I think we succeeded.


Ingredients: cider vinegar, water, red pepper, red onion, maple syrup, habanero pepper, vegetable oil, fresno pepper, garlic, bhut jolokia pepper, salt, silgochu, sweet smoked pimenton pepper, liquid smoke
Ingrédients: vinaigre de cidre, eau, poivron rouge, oignon rouge, sirop d'érable, piment habanero, huile végétale, piment fresno, ail, piment bhut jolokia, sel, piment silgochu, piment pimenton fumé doux, fumée liquide

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