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DBS Heat: Variable

Chunky Coati

Chunky Coati

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Yes. We did it.
So many people asked us to make a salsa, so we worked hard, diligently, and totally didn't make some by accident when we had a bunch of stuff to use up!
Well, okay. So it was an accident. But our mistakes seem to make things better! 
We have salsa now! And in three exiting varieties of Mild, Medium, and Hot! Using nothing but the freshest ingredients, ripe peppers, onions, tomato, and a couple of other spices, this chunky jar of salsa-y goodness has quickly become a staple in our household.

And yes, this makes amazing nachos.

Also, if you're looking to make it a little hotter, just add a bit of one of our other sauces!

Spice Level Hot Peppers

Mild: 1/10
Medium: 4/10
Hot: 7/10

Finger Hot, Jalapeno, Thai Chili

Cider vinegar, Red Onion, Red Pepper, Tomato, Yellow Pepper, maple syrup, Green Pepper, Orange Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Allspice, Basil
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