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Bunny's Gardens

Bunny's Gardens

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Each year, I try and grow hot peppers on my balcony. The last few years the harvest has been, well, poor. However, 2022 seems to have been a good year! With peppers ranging from Ghost peppers (bhut jolokia) - in regular, white and chocolate varieties - all the way up to Carolina Reapers, Black Bastards, Scorpions of various types, Death Spirals... I ended up with several zip lock bags' worth. 

But this year's sauce is also an experiment. I am trying several new things out to see if they're viable for future sauces or perhaps even limited editions of existing ones, and I'm letting nothing go to waste.

  • I've decided to try my hand at fermenting the peppers. So it is being made in 2 batches.
  • I am separating the solids from the sauce after the blending cycle, and subsequently drying them out and powdering them, making a powdered version of the sauce.
  • I am making the sauce available in smaller "Woozy" bottles - you know, the traditional hot sauce bottles you're used to seeing. 

Now, Batch A has been finished and bottled - all it is is peppers, a couple of green onions, a few cloves of garlic, salt from the fermentation and vinegar to stabilize it. That's all. And wow does it pack a punch. The bottles will be made available in mid October 2022, as well as a few jars of the powdered form. 

The second ferment (as seen in the photo) has started and will be ready in a few weeks, so early November. 

As usual, Bunny's Garden is a limited edition product: I can only make so many, and it can never be made again. So if you want some, make sure you get it while in stock!


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