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Barbecued Beaver - No Sugar

Barbecued Beaver - No Sugar

DBS Heat: 2/10

So many people have contacted us over the last few years, expressing their love for Barbecued Beaver, and then expressing their sorrow when they had to change their dietary intakes. Even I have been having to cut sugars.

So this is the first foray into the official "Keto-Friendly" territory.

The brown sugar has been replaced, the maple syrup has been substituted, and although upon bottling it doesn't taste exactly the same as the original Barbecued Beaver, it is extremely close. The maple flavour needs just a little tweaking on the next batch, but I do believe that we've managed to crank out an essentially sugar free barbecue sauce.

Now for the disclaimer bits:

  • There ARE technically still sugars in the sauce, but they come from the vegetables used and just a teensy smidge from one other ingredient (like, 1% of a tablespoon in a batch of 2 litres). As indicated on the nutrition table below, 1 tablespoon of this Beaver does not register even 1%
  • The brown sugar has been replaced by a non-sugar sweetener who's main ingredient is Erythritol.


Ingredients: brown sugar substitute, red wine vinegar, red onion, sugar free tomato ketchup, red pepper, tomato paste, white sugar substitute, habanero pepper, garlic, steak sauce, imitation maple extract, sweet smoked pimenton pepper, liquid smoke, salt, mustard seed, black pepper
Ingrédients: succédané de cassonade, vinaigre de vin rouge, oignon rouge, ketchup de tomates sans sucre, poivron rouge, pâte de tomate, succédané de sucre blanc, piment habanero, ail, sauce à bifteck, extrait d'imitation d'érable, piment doux fumé, fumée liquide, sel, graine de moutarde , poivre noir

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