Thoughts regarding spiciness

Many many times, I get told something. And though the wording is a little different each time, it boils down to the same statement:
"That sauce wasn't so hot! I can handle hotter!"
I'm sure you could.
And that's not really a good or bad thing.
When I stared making sauces, and people suggested I put them out there, one of the striving goals I had was to make products that people enjoy. To make sauces that compliment food, that taste good, and that - while spicy - don't burn with the sole intent on burning. I want to make something that tastes GOOD, and that challenges people's ideas of hot sauce.
One of my most common responses to the statement above is that anyone can make a hot sauce that burns. I can take a bowl full of hot peppers, blend them up, and serve them. I can guarantee you that you'd almost never put it on your chicken. Or add it to your hamburger. The bottle would sit in your fridge, and only get opened when you had friends over and you said "Hey, you wanna try something hot?"
I want to make sauces that you try and the first reactions are those of pleasure. Of tasting something that you like. Of thinking "Hey, I could put this on..." and that ALL of that occurs before the spice kicks in. Even with things like Rabbit's Revenge, I want the sauce to taste good BEFORE it burns. And, if you can handle the heat, that you enjoy the complex flavours in the sauce.
If people want a sauce that only burns, Dark Bunny Sauces will happily produce one. But for the exception of a few people, I can almost guarantee you won't like it.
Too much heat will always kill the taste. And at that point, well, what's the point?
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