Test your stuff

Christopher Pilgrim
Yet another year, and Dark Bunny Sauces is upping its game.
Fresh off of a recent western convention, we're pleased to say that our test subjects all survived their hot wings challenge. But we're not done.
Oh no.
CanFURence has to prove it has what it takes to take the title.
Dark Bunny Sauces is proud to present the 2019 Spicy Stuff Challenge!
We've tried a few things, added twists to the challenge whereupon contestants eat some food product slathered in hot sauces. This year's panel includes teams! Points! Surprises! And, if we're being honest, some damned good sauces! (No bias at all)
Just use the handy link below to sign up for the panel, and we'll add you to the list. Just before the convention, we'll choose 4 contestants from that list.
"But wait, Feli. Only four?" you may ask. And it's a good question. But if you let me finish, you'll understand.
Four permanent challengers, split into two teams. But there will still be two empty seats on the stage. And those seats will be made available to you, the audience, by bidding each round. We are doing this for charity, after all.
The teams (of 2+1) will be made to have a food thing (chicken wing, meatball, blade of really wide grass) with ever-increasingly intense sauces, and will have a time limit to answer a question, draw a picture, or some other random challenge. All while eating the capcaisin-laiden food.
The winning team will get a prise! Aside from, you know, surviving.
So sign up to be one of the first four chosen.
C'mon. Show us what you've got.
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