Canfurence 24 and Test Batches

Canfurence 24 and Test Batches


Hello everyone!
We’ve been quiet, mostly because life has just been coasting us along. But here’s some news for you all!

CanFURence 2024

Dark Bunny is going to be there! August 2nd through 5th in Ottawa. So come and visit us! Try some stuff! Buy some stuff! Support the charity!
All things being good we’ll also be hosting out Hot Things in Your Face panel (I’m running out of things to name it) to raise even more for the charity.

Pre-orders for CanFURence will open up shortly.


Testing the Batches

Creativity has been striking us over the last while, and as a result we’ve got a few new test batches on the shelves.

FSX08 – The Stabbing Scorpion
This is a mustard, following in the vein of the Striking and Stunning Scorpions. This one, however, has the heat ramped up by a healthy (unhealthy?) addition of Red Lava Scorpion pepper.

FSX09 – Dame Draco
This is our take on a sriracha sauce. We mashed up some red jalapenos, thai chilies, red bell pepper, garlic, then added some jackfruit to see what'd happen, and put it in a big jar and hid it away in the DBS Cupboard of Doom (trademark pending).

Test Batch 85 – K9
Brown sauce - or steak sauce - is something ubiquitous. Everyone knows A1 or HP sauce. And we wanted to try our hand at it. So we've made our version. Well, or at least we're working on it. This test batch will definitely undergo refining. But for the moment, we've named it "K9" sauce because... reasons.

Test Batches 86 and 87 – Cherry Quokka Cola and Cherry Pupsi Cola
This one was a long time coming. Sitting in the back of our mind.
Cherry Cola BBQ sauce, combining Cherry Coke, sweet dark cherries, a little chipotle and a mix of other spices and things, we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It may not be for everyone as the flavour profile is a tad... weird, but I definitely enjoy it! There is a small difference between the two versions, only a taste test will let you know!

Possibly a one-off, this is a batch of fermented sauce made of a mix of fresh ginger, fresh horseradish, and habanero. We just wanted to get this one out of our head and into a pot. It has an odd burn.

Very similar to FSX10, we again used horseradish and habanero (no ginger).

FSX12 – Habannana
Creativity hit again! Let’s take some habaneros, and ferment them with… bananas?


The Redux and Limited Editions

Chunky Coati is making a comeback! We’ve completely redeveloped our salsa, and we think it’s a winner. There will officially be four versions of it: Blue (mild), White (medium), Red (hot) and Black (…yeah…).

Limited Editions are still making the rounds, and we’re adding a few more to the list. We already made the Burning Bunny, Perilous Phoenix and Boiling Bluejay sauces in fermented versions. Shortly we'll be tossing in the Firey Fennec, Dangerous Dragon, and the Closeted Curlytail.  

We also still have some of the Limited Edition Soulful Snowleopard, made with a dark cherry balsamic vinegar and ruby chocolate.


We have a few other things in the works, but want to keep them behind the curtain for now. Not really sure how they’ll turn out, and I don’t want to get peoples’ hopes up until I can taste them – or strip paint with them.


That’s it for the news! Be well everyone!

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