Shipping and pickup info and policies

Christopher Pilgrim

Hello all,

 We have some news and information about shipping, and we’re going to be making a few changes to how some things are being done in that regard, but first, the info.

Shipping in Canada is relatively cheap. This is good. And so far, Canada Post has been really good at getting things where they need to go without issue. So there’s no update there.

Shipping to the US is a little more expensive. See, there’s this border in the way. And, well, as the sauces are a commodity, we can’t cheat and sneak them over the border to ship for cheaper. Food has rules to follow. So yeah, unfortunately, we have to live with the shipping costs for now.

Shipping overseas is… fun? We’ve done it! It IS doable. And “Will you ship to XXX?” Yes! We will! We just can’t guarantee that it’ll arrive quickly. You see, there’s a double-edged sword there. The cheapest option is usually half the price (or more) than the next shipping option. However, the cheapest is by surface mail, and that means that it can take 4 to 12 weeks for a shipment to arrive. (it gets sent by boat). Also, we have not yet had any issues with the packages getting where they are going, just in some cases it took a …. Long time.

Convention Pickups: no real changes, except that if you choose this option I absolutely need to hear from you! I need to know your badge name for the con so I know who I will be handing a bundle of sauce to.

MonFur/local pickups: This is going to be a little more complex.
As you know, finances are stupid tight. So we will be instituting the following:

  • Unless otherwise noted, local pickups can be made at the first MonFur Brunch of the month. These brunches are held at Peddler’s on Newman in LaSalle. 
  • If I will be at another MonFur event, it will be posted to our Twitter account and Facebook. 
  • There will be a small calendar added to the DBS site to keep people informed of upcoming pickup points.

Sadly, I cannot afford to spend $6.50 (two ways) of public transit to meet someone to drop off a $13 order. That’s just not cost effective for me. There are a few people whom I see on a regular basis otherwise, and to those people this new policy does not apply. However, for other folks, please keep in mind that I will do my best to accommodate, but that this is also a business.

 Love you all. Stay nuts! And keep burning your mouths!



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