Post-convention product changes

This last weekend at CanFURence we officially launched a few things, and we also decided to retire a few sauces as well.

First, the retirements. We’re retiring the Chunky Coati, the Gargling Goat and the Ten Tickles. These sauces may come back in the future, but for now we’re pulling them from active duty.

Now on to the stuff you want!

NEW: Babbling Bumblebee

This is a mead-honey-apple barbecue sauce. Not spicy though there are a few thai chili peppers in it, we're hoping this becomes a sweet, sticky staple to your summertime BBQ ritual. Made with fresh kumato tomatoes, fuji apples and mead from Quebec.



NEW: Perplexing Platypus

We keep getting challenged to make a hot sauce without using hot peppers. Well, we have you covered with this one. Blending peppercorns we devised something with a kick and no hot peppers in it.



NEW: Serpent’s Sunrise and Serpent’s Sunset
Two variants at opposite ends of the heat scale, these are honey-garlic-ginger sauces, mainly for wings. But be warned: the Sunset is not for the spice intolerant.


And now a new couple of variants too!

Renard’s Rapiers Blackberry
The same berry sauce you love, but now in blackberry format (not the phone, that was too crunchy)

Pretty Puppy Red Label
People kept asking for it, so we did it. Pretty Puppy with the kick of habanero peppers added to it.


Also, going forward, our dessert sauces and dressings, such as the Rapiers and Pretty Puppy, will be bottles in 354ml bottles rather than the 250ml ones. We’re not changing the prices, however.

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