G'day! And welcome to day... uhh...

G'day! And welcome to day... uhh...

G’day and hello everyone! This is Feli from Dark Bunny Sauces.

I just wanted to start off this virtual convention Sunday to thank everyone for everything they’ve done. The staff of Furnal Equinox, both online and off, deserve all the praise they can get. Even doing a virtual convention is a tough thing, and comes with its own unique challenges. So show all of the con staff some love (because we can’t buy them a coffee).

I also have one small bit of self promo to do, so let’s get it out of the way.
On Friday evening you all started voting for ingredients to go into the first-ever crowd-built hot sauce. And you have not let me down. The ingredient choices voted on were wonderful, and though I may be deciding the volumes, I assure you that everything you voted on has and will be added to the pot.

The current poll, “The Final Round” will close at about 11AM. At that point, all of the ingredients will be sorted out and added to the 2nd cook phase. And I will not skimp: I’ll likely combine the top few from each category.

Last bit: The Quixotic QuokkaTHE official sauce of FE2021 – is still for sale, and will be until all bottles are sold. As stated before, all but $3/bottle will be donated. So far we’re at $164, but I know that today we’re going to make that number jump.  So head over to https://forms.gle/mkJkEH3czRAZ3CLd9 to have your say on the sauce, and if you want to buy a bottle for the convention and the charity, head to https://darkbunny.ca/products/quixotic-quokka

Have a great convention Sunday everyone! See you out there!


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