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DBS Heat: 8/10

Quixotic Quokka

Quixotic Quokka

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A Dark Bunny first - and maybe a first period. The first fandom-generated hot sauce. 

This sauce was created during the Furnal Equinox 2021 virtual event: Pixel Purrfect.

All ingredients were voted on in a series of polls by convention attendees and DBS followers


Ingredients: onion, cider vinegar, red bell pepper, garlic, orange bell pepper, hot peppers (jalapeno, carolina reaper, chipotle, scotch bonnet, thai chili), sugars (honey, maple sugar), Szechuan berries, olive oil, cinnamon, kosher salt, black pepper, sweet smoked pimenton, ginger, lemongrass, rosemary
oignon, vinaigre de cidre, poivron rouge, ail, poivron orange, piments forts (jalapeno, carolina reaper, chipotle, scotch bonnet, piment thaï), sucres (miel, sucre d'érable), baies du Sichuan, huile d'olive, cannelle, sel casher, poivre noir, pimenton fumé doux, gingembre, citronnelle, romarin

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