Burning Down the Train (or how do these wings things work?)

Burning Down the Train (or how do these wings things work?)

So some people have been asking me…
“Feli,” they say, because, well, that’s my name so…
“Feli, how will this “Burning Down the Train” chicken wing fling thing work at CanFURence?” (Anonymous Furry Person #71036)
And that is an awesome question! 

Tiggs (as shown for dramatic effect)

The short answer:
If you participate, you will eat spicy things and get asked silly questions.

The long answer:
Several people will be chosen by putting names into a hat. Well, I say hat. Maybe a bucket, maybe a bowl. In any event (well, this event specifically), the chosen names will be called and these people will be called up to the stage to take a seat on one of two teams. Each team will consist of four people with one empty seat on each side.
During the course of the event, a question will be asked, and an answer will be given by each team.
Each round, the sauces will get progressively more… piquant.

Let’s say we’re on round 3. We’re on to the 3rd type of sauce, and this is a typical round. Arbitrarily, let’s say it’s some of that wonderful Halitosis Howler. While the most awesome of assistants are tossing the wings with the sauce, the audience will begin bidding people into the empty seats (of doom!). So, if you the audience want, say, some random fur named, oh I don’t know, Conreeaght in one of those seats for a round, you pool your money and say “We have $X Million Dollars to put Conreeaght in a seat!” (look, we can dream about the amounts, right?) – it can be any amount, really. And if the bid wins, and this Conreeaght person says yes, then they get up on stage and into the seat.

Once all the seats are full, each person will receive their wings (and yes, everyone will be given gloves and paper towel).
The countdown starts, and at zero everyone noms on their wings. Then, I, that weird guy likely wearing a kilt, will ask a quiz question of the contestants. The question could be something like “We all loved that one show, the one about the raccoons and had that awesome theme song sung by Lisa Lougheed. You know the one… Where did the Raccoons live?”

Points get awarded to correct answers.

Incorrect answers… well… there’s always the chance of Rabbit’s Roulette, or a chance of having that team skip up a heat level for the next round. Or some other challenge. (bribes accepted, all for the charity, of course)

The actual mechanics of the event are subject to changes, errors, unintended comedy, intended comedy, and other various side effects. All funds raised through wanting to watch people suffer while eating food go to the convention’s charity. No outside food or beverage will be permitted at this event. Hecklers are welcome. Participants are encouraged to NOT wear fursuits during the event as permanent damage may occur. Security will be on hand to discourage any escapees.

Join us Saturday July 30th from Noon until they kick us out in the Chaudiere room at CanFURence 2022

(Image of Tiggs shown for dramatic effect. No actual Tiggses were permanently harmed)
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