2023: Let's celebrate making it through 2022!

Christopher feli@darkbunny.ca

Well, first off, let's get this out there right now.

Happy New Year folks! We made it through another one!

Alright, I've been seeing a lot of other sauce providers doing variations of this, so I figured "Hey, I can do that too!" So...
For the entirety of January 1st all sauces, rubs, etc... in the store are going to be 22% off. Yes, 22 and NOT 23. We all just finished 22 and 23 hasn't even begun, give it time to mature! Let's celebrate the year we got through because who knows what the future will bring and if it will be worth celebrating yet.

At about or before noon on the 1st we'll be releasing a few test batches. These are the testiest of test batches yet! So stay tuned for more news!


Let's keep things spicy for the new year!

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