Winter is... coming?

Winter is... coming?


Snow is here. Cold winds, early darkness, slippery sidewalks and fogged up glasses. We’ve already touted the advantages of having a bottle of Terrified Trashpanda in your home to help spice up your morning beverage, so we won’t go over that again.

However, did you know that there’s a distant cousin to the Terrified Trashpanda? It comes around but once a year, only ever in December. And 2019 is no different.

We’re talking about the Reckless Reindeer. It has been described as “molten candy-cane in a bottle.” This sweet, sugary, spicy syrup is an awesome additive to your beverage, especially hot chocolate. We’ve also heard it’s been mixed with alcohol, though we could never recommend that use.

Reckless Reindeer is now available for pre-ordering. After December 1st we will make the first batch, and all pre-orders will get the first crack at the bottles of golden, spicy syrup. But understand that as of the ball drop on New Year’s Eve the sauce gets locked away again until next year, so be sure to get your bottle!


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