Why wait?

Why wait?

Christopher Pilgrim

Working our little (massively busy) booth this past weekend at Furnal Equinox in Toronto there was one thing I heard many times from many different people. It was always a variation of "I've been waiting a whole year to see you to get more sauces!"

Now, don''t get me wrong. I absolutely love hearing that. It fills my heart with joy to know that people like what I make enough to anticipate seeing Dark Bunny Sauces at a convention. But it always makes me curious.

Why wait?

Dark Bunny Sauces offers global shipping (well, so far anyways). And one of the best features: Sauscriptions!
You can order your sauces and have us automatically bill you every month, or two months, or whatever frequency you want so we can send you just the right amount of sauce for your cooking needs. 

Best of all, you can subscribe to get random sauces sent to you so you can try them all! With the Burn of the Month Club you get a few small bottles a month and you get to try them until you find the ones that are right for you!

And there we have it! No more waiting!


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