When it rains...

... it eventually gets sunny.

I'm sorry for the quietness coming from us in the last week. But I didn't want to leave everyone in the dark. So here's an update on what's been going on.

  • Of the roughly 22 orders taken at or around Furnal Equinox, only 5 remain to be sent out. and 4 of those will be boxed up today. I want to thank all of you for your amazing patience.
  • We've continued to receive new orders since then, and are filling them as best possible. But the priority is the older orders.
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, our 50ml bottles are being discontinued in favour of the new 59ml (2oz) bottles. Some have asked if we will still take returns on the 50ml. The answer is yes! Absolutely! The decision has been made that the 50ml bottles will be used for Test Batches and for ... a few other things to be named in the future. 
  • We are also looking to make a trip out to visit our friends at Fur-Eh! This June. I know it sounds like I'm beating the drum, but if you'd like to help us get there, there's a link to our ongoing fundraiser on our main page. 

Last bit of news.

As you may know, I started Dark Bunny Sauces as a hobby. A pastime that evolved into something much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. And I will never think of it as a bad decision. But truth being told, right now Dark Bunny Sauces isn't paying the bills at home. Things have been tight. Now, there are two and a half ways to solve this. The first has been achieved as of this past Friday. I am, once again after almost 2 years, employed. Part time, but this should be enough to close the gap. This means that yes, there may be some lags in communication, and perhaps a day or two delay on shipping some things out, but I will not stop the sauces
The other way-and-a-half is more complex. I need to sell more sauce. That sounds easy enough, but it isn't. The half-method is to get to more conventions. But this is where the bad circular trap happens. To get to conventions, you need to pay in advance. But the money to pay doesn't come until you do a convention. 
This is why I now have a job. 
BUT, all hope isn't lost!

You can help!
Buy more sauce! You did? Awesome! Good job! I always knew you were awesome! 
Tell your friends about us! We ADORE hearing that someone was referred to us. AND you get rewarded for the referrals! Have you ever noticed that little red thing on your screen when you visit darkbunny.ca that says "Pepper Points"? There are options in there to get a link to give to people. If they make orders, you get points! 
But seriously, we love hearing that we were brought up. We love being asked if we will be at Convention X or wherever else. The plan is to be there. This coming year, we want to go to Fur-Eh! and bring pre-orders with us for a one-day pickup/order table or something. We will be at CanFurence in August, and we hope to return to the Montreal Mini ComicCon in December again. 


This post is starting to devolve, so I will leave it there. But thank you for reading this far. I will be making other, smaller posts to Facebook and Twitter with further order status, sauce cooking statuses, bad jokes, and news. 

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