Want a lot of sauce? Now you can get it!

No new sauces are being added to darkbunny.ca currently.
However, new options have been added to a few sauces, and more will follow. Some of you fine fireheaded folks seem to like purchasing sauce in large quantities. I can appreciate this. And do!
So to help, I have now added the option to at least 4 products:
12-bottle cases for $149.99 CDN
With the way I now purchase my bottles, I get nifty boxes that hold 12 of them comfortably! So I figure, why not offer them for sale like that! And I do know that some of you folks out there already buy them in those volumes, or close to.
Right now, available for the most popular things: Burning Bunny, Barbecued Beaver (white label), Halitosis Howler, Blasted Bat, and Striking Scorpion.
And, just as a tiny bonus: it passes the threshold for free shipping
As an added note to all customers: Yes, orders are still being filled! They're just slow due to the state of the world. But I am doing my best to get everything out as quickly as I can.
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