Train re-railment?

Train re-railment?

It seems that the fates have smiled upon me, in more ways than one.

First, on the health front, as of yesterday I seem to be covid free. I burned through that in about 6 days, and I really got off lightly. Just a cold, nothing more. But I am thankful I got vaccinated because it surely could have been much much worse.

Secondly: due to both this and that Canfurence has revisited their Covid guidelines for 2022, it looks as though I WILL be attending Canfurence next week! So I’m cancelling the cancellation!

To put aside other fears or concerns, here are a few changes to how we will be doing things:

  • All Dark Bunny Staff and helpers, when at the booth, will be fully masked, and I myself will be wearing gloves.
  • The Tasting Station will still be in operation; however we ask they you ask for assistance before trying any of the bottles for sampling. There will be no item available for sampling that requires something other than a stir stick (ex: Blasted Bat)
  • We ask that any visitors to the booth keep a respectful distance from eachother. If it looks like there are too many people bunched up, please come back a little later! We’ll still be there!
  • We also request that if you have even a little touch of a feeling of concrud, a cold, or anything else that you refrain from sampling the wares. We love you, but once is enough for me.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well, it means a lot to me.

We’ll see everyone next week! Safe travels, and wash your hands!



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