Train derailment


2022 just doesn’t seem to be my year.

It is with heavy heart that I must announce that I personally will NOT be in attendance at CanFURence this year. Unfortunately, I have contracted covid. And despite being triple vaxed, the current convention rules state it’s too close to the convention to risk going. This really and truly hurts because after missing Furnal Equinox this year, this was to be my only other event on the schedule. So I am sorry that I will miss all of you, but rules are rules. To put aside any concerns: I am fine. It seems more like a strong cold than anything else. So… annoying.

That being said, I am in the works to ensure that Dark Bunny Sauces WILL still be there. My lovely wife MAnlantrio will be in attendance, and will be manning the table solo – so please be gentle. She has not tasted many of the super-hot sauces as her tolerance is not where mine is, but she knows what I work with to make them.

All pre-orders will be going down as planned to be given out to the orderees. But I am putting out a call now:

  • If you are going from the Montreal area to CanFURence and have room in your vehicle for a few boxes (roughly 11”x8”x6”) of sauce, it would be amazingly appreciated and recompense in the form of sauce will definitely be provided.
  • If you also have room on the way back to the island for a few boxes of empty bottles, that would also be very much appreciated and also recompensed.

If you are interested in helping out and have not already spoken with me, please get in touch via email, telegram, discord, smoke signals, facebook  or twitter (smoke signals are not guaranteed to work)

I have a potential opening for someone to help the booth at both this con and at future cons, but the timing just isn’t right to make it work for this year’s CanFURence. But if you are seriously interested in becoming a Dark Bunny Sauces Booth Bunny… drop me a line.


Next up, I was scheduled to host my perennial panel. But due to not going, I will not be there. But there are plans in the works to try and keep it going. So more details will be coming soon!

Thanks everyone, and I wish you the absolute best and safest of conventions!

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