Time for something new

It's June. Well, it's almost June.
We have a convention coming up in a couple of weeks in Edmonton, and to be just a little selfish, I want to be able to eat awesome food while I am there!
And what better way to ensure that *I* eat well than be making sure *you* eat well too?
For the next week, from now until June 4th at midnight, buy any 3 250ml, 314ml or 375ml bottles or jars of sauce, and the fourth bottle or jar is free. Automatically. You don't need to use a code, don't need to do a magic dance or anything!
Yes, that's right, 4 for 3. I mean, you can get 3 for 4 if you want (I wouldn't complain!) but I figure you'd prefer 4 for 3, right?

(the fine print)
This will be valid form now until the end of the 4th of June. Only with sauces that are available at the time of order. The least expensive sauce will automatically be discounted.
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