Thus quoth the raven

Thus quoth the raven

Bats and werewolves, dark tentacled creatures and terrified creatures of the night.
Welcome to Hallowe’en 2020.

Don’t for a moment think that we here at Dark Bunny Sauces have forgotten possibly the best holiday of them all. We would love to have made whole batches of things and handed them out to little furry creatures at our door, but there’s probably some laws against that somewhere.

So instead we’re offering you up a trio of things to sate your dark desires to burn.

First: as mentioned above, several creatures just fit the theme of the day. So Blasted Bat, Halitosis and Harmless Howlers, Obscure Octopus, Petrified Potoo, Rabbit’s Revenge, the Werecat family and the Trashpanda family sauces are all n 30% off until midnight on the 1st of November.

Second: We’re offering an exclusive pre-ordering of an upcoming test batch of sauce. A black garlic mustard, for the moment called test Batch 70. Visit the page here for details:

Third and not least: It’s Hallowe’en. How could we not bring something back for ordering?

Terrified Trashpanda candies are back on the menu! These small, hard sugar candies will give your mouth a new sensation, and whether they’re small pieces of heaven or hell is for you to decide.

There’s another product that MAY make it to the store shortly, not a sauce but we’re waiting on the first to arrive to see if it’s worth it.

So yes, though this pandemic has kept us quiet these last few months, we’re crawling from our grave slowly.

Be safe and be well everyone.

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