This one's for you, Canfurence!

This one's for you, Canfurence!

Alright folks, it's that time!

We are freshly back from a most amazing time in Edmonton, where we visited Fur-Eh and spread the tastiness of Dark Bunny Sauces. Just a quick thank you again to the convention and its amazing staff and wonderful attendees. At this point I think it is safe to say that Dark Bunny Sauces will be back with more things to offer, and a much … spicier… wings challenge.

But that’s not why I am here! Hot on the tails of Fur-Eh and the orders from that, I would like to re-announce that pre-orders for Canfurence are open! This is the best and easiest way to ensure you’ll get your saucy goodness at the con, and not get to the Dark Bunny spot and find that we have no more of your coveted sauce, be it Pretty Puppy or Nuclear Narwhal.

How do you pre-order, you might ask? Well, that is an amazing and awesome question!

You go to and shop for sauces! When you are ready to check out, you will find that it just gave you 10% off your order!
Then, when you choose your shipping, choose CANFURENCE PRE-ORDER and you won’t pay for any shipping!

What’s the catch? The catch is that I would ask you to please please please put your furry/badge name in the notes area so I know who you are. That’s all. And when you get to the con and Dealers opens you can come get your nummy goodness and make all your friends jealous!

The fine print reads as follows:

The deadline for using the link is July 20th at midnight eastern. If the order comes in after that, there won’t be a discount and I cannot guarantee your sauce delivery at the con. Some sauces and/or sizes are not available. If there is something in particular you want and it’s not there, or if you REALLY want that 1L jug of something and I don’t have any, just send me a message and we can see what can be done. But some sauces are shortly being discontinued for a while, so some of them may not be doable. Also, this offer cannot be used with any other discount codes, but you will still get your Pepper points!

Last thing: have you bought from Dark Bunny before? Do you still have your bottles and don’t want them any more? We’ll take them back! Dark Bunny Sauces tries to be as environmentally conscious as we can, so every bottle that‘s returned is re-used. Not only that, you’ll get a $1 discount towards any at-con purchase, or a code to use for the future!


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