The Six Sauce Samplers

Due to popular demand, we've caved.

Dark Bunny Sauces is now happily offering Six Sauce Samplers!
These are pre-made kits of 6 sauces, available in a single box! This means you get to try a bunch of different sauces, and if you like them, we'll be here to fill your fridge with them!

Here's what you need to know about the kits:

  • They come in a state of the art, super-snazzy plain carboard box!
  • The sauces will be packed in amazingly recyclable packing paper!
  • Well, the sauces will be in 59ml (2oz) bottles, the bottles will be in paper.
  • Each bottle will come with an amazing label, placed specifically onto the bottle!

The kits right now will be pre-selected sauces, details below. We will add more kit choices in the future, but we're starting off simple.

NOTE: Some sauces in the kits may need preparing after the order is placed. If there is a delay, we will notify you as soon as we are able.


The Barbecue Kit
Perfect for hamburgers, hot dogs, or whatever else you put on the barbecue!

  • Barbecued Beaver
  • Halitosis Howler
  • Hostile Hawk
  • Mild Mouse
  • Sizzling Salamander
  • Striking Scorpion

The Desserts Kit
These can be used for anything, really, but they make awesome dessert toppings!

  • Boiling Bluejay
  • Gargling Goat
  • Pretty Puppy
  • Renard's Rapiers (Raspberry or Blueberry)
  • Soulful Snow Leopard
  • Terrified Trashpanda (Tea or Coffee)

The Damn That's a Hot Kit
Not for the faint of heart, these are our hottest sauces, together at last!

  • Bradley's Blood
  • Enraged Elephant
  • Hostile Hawk
  • Nuclear Narwhal
  • Obscure Octopus
  • Rabbit's Revenge
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