The It's Almost Summer Sale

That's right, Were trying to clean out the cupboards in anticipation of the summer!

So here are the items that are going to be on sale from now until June 30th

Bunny's Garden 2017
250ml - $18

Stunning Scorpion
106ml - $8
Test Batch 40c
106ml - $9
314ml - $18
Test Batch 56
50ml - $5.50
Test Batch 48
50ml - $6
250ml - $16
Test Batch 50
50ml - $8

          We have also added the following items to the Test Batches:

          Test Batch 54, Black Garlic & Kumato, both 59ml and 250ml
          Mystery Madness - a random agglomeration of stuff, March 2018 (LAST BOTTLE!)

            When it's summer, there will be new things going on sale!

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