The Great 2018 DBS Bottle Drive!

Since Dark Bunny Sauces started, one thing I have made abundantly clear to people is that we are a teensy little company. We don’t have much in the way of extravagant items, and we use what we can to make the sauces. 

One of the areas this has been most apparent over the three years are our bottles. We've always done our best to provide our "regular" bottles as 250ml, and I want to keep doing that. 250ml is about 1 cup - so a reasonable amount of sauce in my opinion.

Dark Bunny Sauces also is committed to being environmentally friendly! Our vegetable scraps - of which there are a lot - go into the city's composting program. And most importantly, we re-use those bottles. We wash, boil, re-wash and sterilize before using them with new caps each time. This is why you sometimes see some of our sauces offered in the more classic swing-top bottles as opposed to the Stubbies.

We've also held to our commitment that if you return bottles for re-use you get a credit or discount against your next purchase. Because we want to give incentive to return the bottles. But with more people from far away ordering sauces - like our friends in the US, UK, Germany and even Australia - we're not getting the returns we used to. 

To that end, and because I now have 2 day jobs and can’t easily get to my bottle supplier, I will be offering the following deal. It requires a little bit of legwork on your end, but it should all work out. I think.

WHEN ARE YOU DOING THE THING? Starting now through the month of November.
WHAT IS THE THING? All bottle returns are, for that period of time, worth $1.50 each in credit. 
BUT I DON'T LIVE NEAR YOU, HOW DOES THIS HELP ME? If you ship me those empty bottles, and they arrive all safe and sound, and you send me by email proof of how much it cost you to ship them to me (through post, not same day courier), I will add credit to your account for an equal amount for shipping your next order. 

Have questions? Good! I like inquiring minds!
But seriously, if you do have questions, please, feel free to ask!

And keep a spot in your kitchen: We have a few new things coming soon.

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