Thank you

Christopher Pilgrim

As a new year starts, everyone reflects on what was good about the last one. We reflect on the bad too, but I prefer to focus on the good.

Recently, I posted details about our last year. I am still blown away. But I wanted to say thank you to a few people in particular. This is not to say that I am not thankful for everyone! Far from it! But a few folks have helped Dark Bunny Sauces make it this far, and are considered part of the DBS family.

First, and foremost, to Karen. My partner in all things. Without you volunteering to destroy your tastebuds on the sauces as they come out of my brain, this wouldn't ever have been possible.

Second, Alex and Valerie. And, by extension, Florence and I suppose even Olivia. Your family has been a driving force for DBS. The artwork, the design work, the support, and the feedback have been everything that was needed, and I hope that it continues on into the future.

Third, to Karine, Adam, Matthieu and Samuel. Your amazing attention to taste, the constant feedback... I just am without further words to thank you all.

To the Monfur, Ottawa furries, Toronto Furries, Furnal Equinox, CanFURence, What The Fur, and Montreal Comiccon folks: you are AWESOME! Never stop being how you are. You all support us, and I hope that in return we support you all. 


There's a massive list of people, but I don't think I will post it here. Most of you know who you are. You've all helped over the last 2 years of DBS's existence. 

I look forward to enticing all of your dishes in the future.


Happy New Year, from the Dark Bunny Warren to all of your homes. 

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