Stay warm. Right to your core.

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The weather outside is getting colder. It's time to dig through that drawer and find that sweater that's been scrunched into the back.
One look outside lets you know that the sky is grey, drizzle is coming. Snow isn't too far away in the future. Good thing you found that sweater, eh? I mean, it's still too early to turn the furnace or heaters on, so you're going to hold out as long as you can.
Why don't you warm up a little more? Go on, you deserve that mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. And, would you look at that! It's in your hand! You bring the steaming beverage up to just below your nose and breathe deep, smiling a little.
But something is missing. Something that will definitely wake you up, warm you up and keep you up. You go to the fridge, and pull out that small bottle with the raccoon on it, twist off the cap and put a few drops into your drink of choice. You stir it a little, and then bring the mug to your lips and take a sip. The heat of the drink warming you up. Then the second burn from the additive kicks in and you wake up that much more, the heat lingering far longer than any steaming liquid could manage.

Terrified Trashpanda
Coffee, Earl Grey Tea, and soon - Cacao.

Stay warm. Right to your core.

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