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State of the Sauce

Christopher Pilgrim

The state of sauce? Province?

However you put it, here's all the news that's newsworthy regarding your favourite furry sauce maker.

Back orders
All back orders should be ready and shipped out in the next 24 hours. Well, it depends when I get to the post office tomorrow. but they'll be out there tomorrow.

Spotting us in the wild
It's been a small dream of ours, since we started this up a couple of years ago. But we're about to achieve a goal: Being on a shelf in a store.
It will be a small store, and located outside of Montreal but in Quebec, however it can be considered the first. We're right this moment prepping for a major cook session. We will update with more details soon!

We're still working towards our goal of attending Fur-Eh in June. SO if you want to help Dark Bunny Sauces get there, we have a couple of ways!

  • Pre-orders! - These mean that if you are attending yourself, you'll get some personally delivered sauce! You'll get a discount! And also, if this scheme doesn't work and we aren't there, you'll still get to keep that sauce discount AND get free shipping. 
  • GoFundMe - Yes, we still have out Convention Fund fundraiser funding ... no, not going to keep doing that. If you'd like to just throw money at us to help us get to conventions, head on over to it. We'll love you forever!

I think that's it for now. We'll be updating everyone a little more regularly from here on out. So thanks for reading! Stay saucy!

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