Sauce commissions are a thing? Huh.

Alright. This is a weird one. But hear me out.
Over the last couple of years, I have had several people approach me and ask if I could do a custom sauce, or if I took commissions.
Well, it is with a heavy heart that I must declare that this is going to be a thing. I am so, so very sorry.

Kidding aside, yes, I will be taking sauce commissions! But it's going to work a little weird.
I'm opening up a form for submissions. For a week the form will be open.
I'll take all submissions for the week, and when the week is over I'll close it down.
Afterwards, I will go through the submissions and pick one to work on. This is the only way to work it in my mind as it has to be a project I want to undertake. Now, this doesn't mean that I WON'T eventually choose yours, but there will be a waitlist for submissions. I will only work on one sauce at a time so nothing gets mixed up (as good as Oops! is, I don't want another incident).
If your submission is chosen, and you agree, there's be a deposit needed, and then over the next month or two (depending on the complexity) we'll work together on the sauce. Obviously I can't keep sending samples for taste testing, but we can work something out I am sure. But you will be kept up to date on the development.
The reason I say a month or two is because despite sauces being a passion, I do have a day job to attend to.
Once the sauce is complete, the remaining balance will be required.
If, for whatever reason the project needs to be dropped after the deposit is received, a full refund will be issued. But, if the sauce is near completion, or if the final payment is not received in a timely manner, DBS will retain the rights to the recipe and make the sauce available for sale.

A few points to keep in mind: no sauces commissioned will include meat or dairy in the recipes. I cannot send refrigerated products, and there are several regulations regarding this that I have to follow.

How much do you get? It'll be negotiable, but I feel a minimum of 3 litres will be the norm. This is equivalent to one case of 250ml bottles. Final price will be based on ingredients, supplies and such.
Though your sauce will be yours, DBS will retain ownership of the recipe. And, only with permission would we make the sauce available for public sale.
The commission will also include labels and artwork, but DBS will be the final decider on this.

So, I will open the form tomorrow (Friday, August 5) and it will be open until Thursday August 11th.

What do you all think? opinions are welcome!

So to sum it up: If you want a private label sauce, this will be your chance! I just hope you forgive any hiccoughs or bumps in the road as this is something completely new.
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