Revenge of the Giant Bottles

Revenge of the Giant Bottles

Some folks have been asking about our (nearly) 1 litre jugs of sauce. This absolutely brings a smile to my face. And it's amazing that people love the sauces enough to want to buy it by the litre!

But here's the catch:
Making 1L of sauce tends to be something that requires a bit of planning. I don't always have the jugs on hand to be able to do this, and they have to be ordered specially to do it. The same goes for the 500ml bottles of sauce.

So, if you see one of the sauces on the website and you think to yourself "You know, I could deal with a litre of that!"... contact me! Depending on the sauce I would be more than happy to make a litre of it for your consumption. It will require paying the order up front, and then it may take a little bit to get it all made and sent off, but it'll get done.

Also, please understand that some of the sauces are just not available in that volume. Making a litre of some of the sauces right now would be definitely interesting, but I cannot guarantee that I can get my hands on the ingredients needed at that volume. But it never hurts to ask!

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